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Algae Art - Nannochlorop1s Oculata


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Michael Walker



  •     B.A. York University, Toronto, Ontario
  •     Master Contractor's License, Hamilton, Ontario


  •    Development and expansion of Round River Technologies into Canada (since 1995), including contacts, investments, & market development.
  •    Design and development of a commercially viable aquaculture farm
  •    Extensive project management experience
    •    Inducon Development Corporation (Ontario)
    •    Ontario Ministry of Transport
    •    Cardiff Construction (Toronto)
    •    Canterbury Hills (Anglican Church)
  •    Proven ability to co-ordinate with local government on building projects including:
    •    Toronto
    •    Hamilton Region
    •    Northern Ontario


Jared Powers Green

     Science Advisor


  •    B.A. Hope College, Holland Michigan
  •    CE Certificate in Design and Operation of Aquaculture Facilities, Virginia Tech
  •    Aquaculture Engineering Society


  •    Conception, design and implementation of prototype Round River Technologies wastewater treatment
  •    Development of commercially viable aquaculture contracts in Virginia
  •    Invited to present RRT products and services to the international ocean pollution symposium at the Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institution; Ft. Pierce, Florida, 1997.
  •    Soil and Water Conservation District Director, Patrick County Virginia, 2000.
  •    Participant in the 2001 "Aquacultural Waste Management Symposium" — Presentation of information on compliance with the expected USEPA (2002) waste management regulations and best management practices for aquaculture.
  •    Development of Virginia lab, ponds and aquaculture at Woolwine, Virginia, USA
  •    Associate member Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institution


Winton Dahlstrom

     Production Processes


  •    Bachelor of Technology (Mechanical Engineering) Ryerson Polytechnic Institute, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  •    Liberal Arts/ Social Sciences Courses Michigan State University
  •    Certified Member of the Ontario Association of Certified Engineering Technician and Technologist (OACETT)


  •    Senior Manufacturing Engineer and Project Manager with broad experience in direct employee supervision and all phases of capital project planning, management, design, and implementation from concept to commissioning
  •    Corporate Engineering Manager: McNairn Packaging, Whitby, Ontario
  •    Maintenance/Engineering Manager: Somerville Packaging, Scarborough, Ontario
  •    Plant/Project Engineer: Lily Cups, Inc. Scarborough, Ontario
  •    Independent consulting engineer: various companies
  •    Developing Wind farms in Michigan, USA and Ontario, Canada


Corinne Claypool

     Marketing and Public Relations


  •    B.A. McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario
  •    Masters level classes, Waterloo University, Waterloo, Ontario


  •    Experience training community program managers in self-promotion and establishing performance metrics
  •    Extensive experience evaluating and presenting multiple community programs for private funding
  •    Proven ability to assist business owners in developing:
    •    Start-up business marketing plans
    •    Corporate identity and branding packages
    •    Online business presence
  •    Owner of independant Marketing and Graphics company