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Algae Art - Nannochlorop1s Oculata

ALGACORE produces biomass at

• densities > 75,000 ppm (dry) • with growth > 3 doublings per day • at depth > 1 meter

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Power and Flexibility

The heart of ALGACORE is an extremely efficient photo-bioreactor and micro-algae production process. Algae is a primitive, potentially fast-growing organism that consumes CO2 and water-suspended nutrients. Growing algae thus eliminates noxious wastes and produces biomass that can be used for products ranging from biofuel to feed supplement to acetate. The efficiency of algae for these purposes is orders of magnitude greater than for corn or cellulose based systems. Because the ALGACORE system produces uniquely high biomass volume on an impressively small footprint, it has many critical applications.

Energy Production Industry

Combined with the recently developed IGCC (Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle) technology, ALGACORE can help to generate energy more economically.

  • Turn the resulting CO2 into valuable products rather than just sequestering it
  • Provide energy additional to that produced by IGCC

Food Production

  • Dispose of feedlot and aquaculture waste in an environmentally sound way
  • Produce feed supplement, reducing costs
  • Clean up recirculating water
  • Produce healthier fish in aquaculture applications

Municipal - Industrial Waste Treatment

  • ALGACORE can provide secondary and tertiary wastewater treatment exceeding EPA standards
  • Cost is reduced because of the energy produced and possible CO2 credits